Alpine Summit

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Don't Be My Valentine

So now the Muslims are protesting Valentine's day saying it's "against the teachings of Islam." Okay, got it. I'm still going to celebrate it, but now I'm going to enjoy it that much more! Now go home you crazy women! I guess they're right though: why would a "Religion of Peace" teach or celebrate anything about love?

Nearly two dozen black-veiled Muslim women burned Valentine's Day cards and posters showing couples together in the main city of India's Kashmir protesting the day that they say imposes Western values on Muslim youth.

God forbid those youth learn about anything but suicide bombing and killing jews! These people fail to see (I assume) that they are trying to impose Muslim values on Western culture. I wonder how many riots worldwide are going to take place on Valentine's day?

If celebrating love pisses off a bunch of idiotic Muslims (and especially if "Allah" hates it) then let's start another anti-boycott movement! Michelle Malkin says "buy danish," I say "buy Valentines!"