Alpine Summit

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Devil Can See His Breath

Pat Buchanan is a crazy man. I rarely agree with him because he takes a very hard right view on politics that is usually neglectful (and sometime hostile) towards people who do not have the same views as him. Anyway, he was on Hannity's radio show yesterday and he and Hannity disagreed about these cartoons from Denmark. What Buchanan was saying is that it is irresponsible for us in the west to be reprinting all these offensive cartoons when we're trying to unite the Arab world and show these people that the way of the west is a better way to live. Offending them outright like this is not a good way to do that.

On the other hand, providing commentary about why these cartoons should be acceptable may be okay; but to simply reproduce the images would be seen as desiring to hurt Islam rather than reveling in liberty.

Why I say the devil can see his breath (cold day in hell) is that I actually agree with Buchanan to some degree. He wasn't saying that they shouldn't be allowed to print these things, but they just simply shouldn't print them for the sake of our efforts in the Middle East. We can't really win hearts and minds by slapping people in the face I guess is the jist of it. He wasn't saying we shouldn't be afraid of offending the terrorists or those who prosecute violence against us, but we SHOULD be afraid of offending the more peaceful people (i.e. "apostate Muslims" as I call them) in the region seeing how we are behaving here because it does not help our efforts there.

Freedom is not a bottle of water. That is, you cannot go into a country say "here is some freedom for you" and expect them to accept it peacemeal. People new to this concept will see this and say to themselves "if liberty means accepting denigrating my beliefs, and therefore God Himself, then I want no part of it." Such ignorance is exactly the kind of thing we're trying to fix because it's exactly how terrorism is bred.

Buchanan makes sense in that regard. As a bit of a tangent, these people shouldn't be so thin-skinned about their belief. I see my faith insulted on an almost daily basis and I really don't care. Sure it grates on my nerves when I'm called blind or stupid for believing in God but even if I am, I wouldn't EVER be so offended by pictures that I would riot and burn buildings.