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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wild Times in England

A couple raped a 12-week old baby in England and amazingly, the legal system was able to see past their oppressive nature and condemn these acts as "wrong enough for punishment." Don't be surprised to see protests in the streets for these "victims" of the government. A government imposing itself on people who just happen to have a sexual preference that is not popular.

Sentencing Webster, Judge Findlay Baker said the offences were committed against the "most vulnerable victim - a little baby".

"There are no words to express the abhorrence such offending generates," he added.

So the judge found the acts bad enough (dare I say "wrong?"), but then here's the kicker:

Sentencing French, he said: "You did not shrink away from the acts in which you joined, but looked forward to them."

But he said French was also a victim and had come under Webster's "malign influence" and was to some extent "corrupted by him".

Modern liberal/feminist thought dictates (more or less) that only men can be rapists. So, when a woman is actually involved in a rape, she MUST have been corrupted by the man! Sorry, but she made her own decisions and she is just as culpable and depraved as he is. The only victim in all this is the baby that was violated who I pray won't have to deal with any health issues from this, and thank God is too young to remember it.

Absolutely disgusting. Even in the most heinous depraved acts, the perpetrator is still somehow the victim in England. Unbelievable. This is the fruit relativism bears and I'm afraid it's no good at all.