Alpine Summit

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Toothless Liberals... Reporting for Duty

True to form, John Kerry simultaneously condemned Iran's breaking of the U.N. seals on their nuclear equipment and urged us to do nothing about it.

"Iran has made a dangerous and silly decision of confronting not just the U.S. government but the entire international community," Kerry told reporters in the southern Indian technology hub of Hyderabad during a visit to India.


"If all diplomatic channels fail, we have no choice but to take the issue before the international body," Kerry, a strong proponent of nuclear non-proliferation, said.

"Dangerous" referring the United States and "silly" referring the "international community" because that describes who takes this seriously and who really doesn't care about it. If anything is going to be done to actually take action and stop Iran, it's going to be the U.S. or Israel, and military action will be involved. All the while, the "international community" will issue strongly-worded chides against us for doing exactly what they should be thanking us for doing in their country. No problem though, the world will eventually be safe again and the "international community" will try to take credit for it because they wrote a letter. Historically, this is what happens.

Then he says "if all diplomatic channels fail... take it to another diplomatic channel (even though the military is a "diplomatic channel"). So, I am once again thankful Kerry and his "acknowledge the problem, but do nothing" attitude is not in the white house.

By the way, that thing Kerry is doing is not a salute.