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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Today's "Howler"

LGF cites a great "howler" of MSM bias today.

Olmert told Bush that Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas must "take steps against terrorism and disband the terrorist organisations because otherwise there can be no progress with an administration in which there are terrorist organisations as members," a statement said.

Israel and the United States both regard Hamas, responsible for the majority of attacks during a five-year Palestinian uprising, as a terrorist organisation despite its embrace of the democratic process.

Stating the obvious is something one cannot do enough of, it seems, when Europe or the left is concerned. That doesn't ever stop them from condemning who they want though. The fact that HAMAS is a terrorist organization has nothing to do with how they decide which terrorists to lead them.

This line was (not so) skillfully inserted into the article to try and paint the Israelis and America as hypocrites. The leftist author of this article, though, shows his perspective by making the assumption that the test for whether or not a nation is a terrorist nation is whether or not it is a democracy. In reality, the test is whether or not they advocate, and practice, the slaughter of innocent people.

This is exactly why people need to take news stories with a grain of salt and continually sift through an article for the facts.