Alpine Summit

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pornography Homework

A teacher in Ohio withdrew an assignment that required his students to download pornography off the Internet. Why would he do this, you say?

Superintendent Jeff Lampert said that although the teacher's apparent goal _ to discuss the harmful effects of pornography _ was well- intentioned, he agreed with parents that the assignment was inappropriate for 14- and 15-year-old freshmen at Brooklyn High.

So let me get this straight: you want to discuss how pornography can be harmful by having your under-age students look at it? Does this make any sense to anyone? I think this teacher should not only be fired, but should be brought up on several charges of attempting to corrupt a minor. The assignment itself admits to porn's "harmful effects," so why not?

Sadly, this is what passes for education these days. I really want to know what the class subject is that justifies showing age 18+ pornographic material to 14 year olds. Not only that, but ecourages said 14 year olds to seek it out.