Alpine Summit

Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Outraged" Democrats

I have said in the past that liberals are malcontents. Just look at the vitriol with which they attack people who disagree with them. So I found this pretty disingenuous at best.

The Pentagon has been under heavy political fire in the wake of recent reports concerning a secret study that found that up to 80 percent of Marines who died in Iraq from upper body wounds could have survived if they had body armor to protect their sides and shoulders. The study prompted outrage from Democrats on Capitol Hill, including from Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., who attributed the problem to the Bush Administration's "incompetence."

Clinton is trying to come off as, like several Democrats have tried and failed in the past, supportive of the troops. Unfortunately, their views of wanting the troops to abandon their mission, lauding the round number deaths in Iraq as a "milestone," and preferring Saddam Hussein over an elected government in Iraq have shown them to be otherwise. Granted, not all Democrats feel this way, but enough of them do to justify this characterization or at least render the party impotent.

Clinton is blaming Bush for this as if he had anything to do, personally, with buying armor for troops. The fact she's even pointing the finger instead of offering a solution to this non-problem, suggests this is merely another political maneuver. After all, who would argue troops have enough (or too much) armor? Perhaps the troops? True to Democrat/liberal form, troops in harm's way are viewed as a political tool rather than something to get behind as Americans. Oh, and speaking of incompitence with regard to armor... perhaps people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.