Alpine Summit

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On Pins and Needles

A few years back, England eroded people's ability to own guns in an effort to curb gun crime. The result? It worked, but violent crime went unabated. The simplistic logic of "if there are no guns, there can't be much gun crime" fails to recognize the larger issue of violent crime or the motivations for the crime itself. What happened was that criminals started using other things to commit crimes.

So imagine my shock and dismay that a state with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country was the scene of a man holding up a store with an "AIDS infected needle."

Investigators said Vinay Patel, 29, owner of Station Liquors on East Water Street, said a man in a dark hooded sweatshirt walked into his store and threatened to stab him with the HIV-infected needle unless he handed over cash.

I would sure like to know how the gun and weapons laws on the books would have prevented this crime? It's fairly obvious that they didn't (or couldn't). Instead, it only served to hinder those who obey the law.