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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Multilateralism is Better?

I got this story from Lee at RTLC. Some murderers were running to Canada to escape American justice. In the process, they charged the Canadian border guards with guns. So what did these brave Canadian DHS counterparts do? They ran away. What's worse is that this is actually what they're supposed to do.

A police chase that closed the Peace Arch border crossing south of Vancouver, ended in the arrest of two men wanted in California on murder charges following a shootout.

The incident on Tuesday night temporarily closed the Canada-U.S. border crossing, and caused dozens of Canadian guards to walk off the job, fearing for their safety.


CBC News has learned that when unarmed Canadian border guards found out the murder suspects were coming their way, they left their posts at two crossings along the B.C. border: the Peace Arch crossing at Douglas, which was closed for a while, and the Civic Highway Truck Crossing, to which traffic from Douglas was diverted.


A spokeswoman with Canada Border Services says the guards have the legal right to refuse to work if they believe they are in imminent danger.

This story begs the question: what exactly are they guarding? I mean, they aren't allowed to have guns (taking the "force" out of "enforce") and they are allowed to abandon their posts, what good are they as "guards enforcing the border?" Of course, the criminals were caught, but it was despite Canada, not because of Canada. As usual, the Americans stepped up to get the job done.

Officials credit a brave deputy sheriff for stopping the pair, who were considered armed and dangerous.

This incident makes me wonder why we should trust our security--at all--to other countries. Why should we place our trust in these other countries when their policies are so wreckless and encouraging to our enemies?