Alpine Summit

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Banking for Muslims

Saw this on Michelle Malkin's site (I really feel like a parrot, but she's always got the best stuff).

A bank based on Muslim law doesn't strike me as too terrible an idea, but I doubt people would tolerate a similar bank if it catered to Jew-only or Christian-only values. In fact, how long do you suppose it will take for the left to hail this as an advancement in tolerance by business, and condemn traditional banks with their "racist" interest rates?

As long as anyone is able to do business with this bank--Muslim, or non-Muslim--I really don't have a problem with this. Making Islamic membership a requirement to do business is religious discrimination and I would have a problem with that. Otherwise, more power to the bank if they can make money off of serving a market niche.

It might not work simply because of inflation and default risk. Oh, and the occasional off-the-deep-end disgruntled patron driven to suicide bomb the buildings.