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Friday, December 02, 2005

Why I Think Journalism Is Stupid

I recognize the need for people to tell others what's going on in the world--there's definitely a market for it. HOWEVER, one common denominator I've noticed about any news service is that you have people who are experts in journalism trying to tell laypersons what an expert in a completely different field said. In other words, people good at telling stories might not understand the situation they're writing a story about. I know this was the case with me when I wrote for my school paper. This is one such case.

If you read the caption, it says "a protester watches a presidential helicopter..." As Confederate Yankee points out: "president of what?" They certainly aren't talking about Bush's helicopter; because this is how he rolls:

I bet it's got a sweet sound system. Anyway, note that the tail rotor on Bush's ride is much smaller than the president's of country x (not to mention a different orientation). Confederate Yankee wonders what country's president is in the picture, but I'm more interested in why CNN would feature such a president when they're talking about Bush?

Remember when you're reading a news story, keep in mind it was written by someone who's an expert at writing stories not necessarily an expert in anything else.