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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The War on Christianity

Sure, we all have heard about the War on Terror, but one war has been going on (in its current form) since the mid-1800's, and that is the War on Christianity. The latest story comes from Sky News where a girl was SENT HOME for wearing a crucifix to school.

A row has broken out after a teenager was banned from wearing a crucifix at a school where Sikhs can carry ceremonial daggers.

Sam Morris, 16, was reportedly sent home from Sinfin Community School, Derby, after she refused to remove a gold cross on a necklace.

She was told wearing a crucifix was not compulsory for Christians, so the necklace breached dress codes.

So let me get this straight: one religion requires their adherents to carry WEAPONS and so it's okay for them to bring those to school; but since it isn't required by her religion, a NECKLACE gets a girl suspended for two days and only allowed to return after not wearing the cross? Does anyone see a problem with this situation? I'm guessing Christ-haters wouldn't, but I do.

The implication of this story is that it shows (once again) the utter intellectual bankruptcy of "religious tolerance" because it really means "tolerance of any religion that isn't dominant, and suppression of any religion we don't like which is Christianity." The post-modern idea of "everybody is right and nobody is wrong" is a self-destructing one that has been soundly refuted as valid, and when applied leads to situations like this where a gold necklace is considered more threatening than a dagger.

Derby City Council said the ban was lawful but questioned whether it was "desirable".

You don't say! I'm all for not just religious freedom, but freedom of speech as well. If someone wants to follow the wrong path, that's their prerogative; but don't tell me I can't convince them to follow the right one or express my own faith.

I sincerely hope they fight this because it's absolutely ridiculous. For the sake of her own spirituality, I would hope this girl keeps wearing the crucifix at least under her clothes if nothing else.