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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Freeman: "Let My People Go"

I'm not really sure about Morgan Freeman's politics--I'm inclined to believe he's quite liberal, but he got it right on this one.

Morgan Freeman says the concept of a month dedicated to black history is "ridiculous." "You're going to relegate my history to a month?" the 68-year-old actor says in an interview on CBS' "60 Minutes" to air Sunday (7 p.m. EST). "I don't want a black history month. Black history is American history."

No kidding. I'm fed up with people telling me "it's BLACK history month," or "it's (insert people group here) history month." Why do people have to be *black* people or *asian* people? Why can't they just be PEOPLE? It seems Morgan Freeman was onto this, too.

The actor says he believes the labels "black" and "white" are an obstacle to beating racism.

"I am going to stop calling you a white man and I'm going to ask you to stop calling me a black man," Freeman says.

It's a title blacks are loathe to let go because over their years of civil rights marching and using their ethnicity as an excuse to blame others for their failures, they can't help but identify themselves as *black* people rather than just people. They've made it part of their self-identity. I consider myself a person--not a *white* person (my profile description is there merely to piss off those who make the distinction).

When a person refers to another as "black" or "jew" or whatever, I have to remind myself they aren't black--they're people. I'm not saying ignore the differences, but don't keep propping them up as some kind of identifier for a person and why that person isn't like you for the sake of creating a non-existent out-group.