Alpine Summit

Friday, December 02, 2005

Another Friday, Another VDH Paper!

This week, Victor Hanson talks about the lack of coverage on the part of the White House on the moral authority of going to war in Iraq.

In short, every day the American people should have been reminded of, and congratulated on, their country’s singular idealism, its tireless effort to reject the cynical realism of the past, and its near lone effort to make terrible sacrifices to offer the dispossessed Shia and Kurds something better than the exploitation and near genocide of the past — and how all that alone will enhance the long-term security of the United States.

That goal was what the U.S. military ended up so brilliantly fighting for — and what the American public rarely heard. The moral onus should have always been on the critics of the war. They should have been forced to explain why it was wrong to remove a fascist mass murderer, why it was wrong to stay rather than letting the country sink into Lebanon-like chaos, and why it was wrong not to abandon brave women, Kurds, and Shia who only wished for the chance of freedom.

I'm entirely sick of having to be the one on the defensive with leftists when discussing this war. The fact of the matter is that their position of opposing this war was (and is still) morally reprehensible to me. Sure people are dying, Americans, Iraqis, and other nationalities, but far more died (or would have died) had we not done anything at all.

Read his whole paper, it's another home run for VDH.