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Thursday, December 01, 2005

And the Media Bias Continues...

Nothing says "let's tour the Whitehouse and view Christmas decorations" like "what do you think of all the dead soldiers in Iraq," right?

ABC’s Jessica Yellin, live on Wednesday’s Good Morning America, exploited First Lady Laura Bush’s tour of White House Christmas displays, cards and decorations to hit her with an emotion-laden inquiry about regretting the war in Iraq: “Have you ever met with a mother whose own loss has made you question, even for a moment, whether the U.S. should be in Iraq?" Mrs. Bush replied with how “every loss is too many” and said that “I want to encourage Americans to reach out to our military families who suffer the most.” Yellin followed up by continuing her agenda: "And do you hope the U.S. will be out of Iraq by this time next year?" Yellin posed her serious questions about three minutes into Mrs. Bush’s descriptions of the cards and ornaments in the East Room.

Okay look, I'm not against the media asking these sorts of questions--though their very nature is biased towards the perspective of the one asking them. What I AM against is asking them when they have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the subject a 'journalist' is supposed to be covering. Here's a wild out-of-the-blue idea: when you're covering a topic, why not stay on-topic? Hmm. I should win a pulitzer or something for the greatest discovery in journalism ever!

Anyone who doesn't see this example as anything but politically motivated is either willfully ignorant or just plain stupid.

UPDATE: Disposable wisdom mentions something I thought about but didn't bother to mention:

How could we expect her to resist? and how could we expect her to face her friends at the next cocktail party or spinning class if she didn't ask those kind of hard hitting questions we have come to expect of the great minds at ABC news. Edward R. Murrow and George Clooney would be proud.

and the stinger:

Somebody get me a Prevacid please? I think I'm going to be sick. Oh by the way thank god for Laura Bush she has more class than anybody I know. Including my self.