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Friday, November 11, 2005

A Day of Rememberance

It's veteran's day and I figured what better way to show support for our troops (past and present) than to do a milblog roundup? I know most people have barbeques and play frisbee and all, but my friends and I are going shooting--thanks guys.

Blackfive has a good post about things that "chafe his cones" which I'm sure means pisses him off. I liked this little tidbit:

If somehow having the intellectual rigor and intestinal fortitude to act in the cause of freedom and liberation rather than debate it fruitlessly makes us morally inferior, so be it! That is not a morality I would shed a drop of anyone's blood for.

Perhaps that's why liberals are always against wars then? Anyway, continuing with the list.

Greyhawk is pulling for project valour-it which is raising money to buy voice-controlled laptops for injured troops unable to type--a noble cause to say the least. There are separate teams for each branch of the military. I must say I'm pulling for Army (first to reach the goal!), though my roots scream Air Force. Anyway, check it out.

Speaking of Valor-IT, the Indepundit is pulling for team Navy (pfft).

There's a long post on "routine excitement" and other anecdotes (such and guys getting stabbed in the leg) at Armor Geddon.

The Common Virtue
has a quick comment about Venezuela threatening to sell its used American equipment to China and Cuba.

Evangelical Outpost had a good post yesterday recounting why he's proud to be a Marine. Consequently, I too am proud you're a Marine. The Marines are a little to "ooh-rah" for me, but that doesn't mean I don't have the utmost respect for them and their job. I also find it interesting how little people actually know about the military. I mean, they don't know much about it-- not that midgets are incapable of knowing about the military. :)

That's about all the linkage I have time for right now, but I'll try and get some more up later in the day.