Alpine Summit

Monday, November 07, 2005

Bias and France

Michelle Malkin hits another home run. (Not) surprisingly, a book was published in France entitled "Kill, Kill, Kill" where an honorably discharged sergeant talks about war crimes and atrocities committed by his unit in Iraq. The MSM ate it up and crapped it out to the masses. Turns out, though, that none of it is true. The MSM merely accepted what was being spoon fed to them and didn't bother to corroborate the story they were hearing--they were too happy to hear about how our troops are bad people, they didn't want to risk having it not be true (did someone say Dan Rather?).

Our next guest says Massey is lying and he can prove it. Joining us now is "St. Louis Post" dispatch writer Ron Harris. He was embedded with Jimmy Massey's unit in Iraq. Welcome, Ron.


COSTELLO: You know, if this guy is lying, that's just vile. Because he's saying some vile things about our men and women over in Iraq.

HARRIS: Yes, that's very true. I mean, he is claiming that marines intentionally killed civilians, that he intentionally killed civilians. And at times, he claims that they intentionally killed civilians based on orders from the superiors. And the fact is, it just isn't true.

Later on, Costello (the interviewer) starts coming up with "what if" scenarios that would make Massey's story true--including calling the Marines liars.

COSTELLO: Yes, but Ron, if there was completely untrue, I mean, this guy has made it into pretty big publications like "Vanity Fair." He's written a book that's bee published in France.


COSTELLO: Well, let's face it -- let's say these stories were true. Would the marines -- wouldn't be forthcoming about that. Oh, yes, we killed innocent Iraqi people. They're not going to admit that.

Wow. Vanity Fair and a French book. First off, Vanity Fair isn't really known for its current events reporting. When I think of Vanity Fair, I think of Fall fashions and "6 ways to please him" articles. Secondly, I imagine this book was published in France because there's enough America-hating sentiment over there that the book could sell fairly well. To say that a story MUST be true because it was in several publications like a book written by the accuser, is like telling an athiest God exists because the Bible says so. "This guy says there were atrocities and if you don't believe him, just read his book!" HORRIBLE argument. Then to suggest that the Marines, a group of individuals who live their lives according to a code of honor, are the liars is just beyond the pale. Speaking of his book, why do you suppose Massey would be peddling these lies? Oh right, the one thing liberals profess to hate corporations for: money.

COSTELLO: Why would this staff sergeant, Jimmy Massey, lie about these things, and say such terrible things about his own comrades?

HARRIS: Well, one of the things that has happened -- number one, Jimmy Massey, I don't know why, but I can just speculate a couple of things. Number one, Jimmy Massey was honorably discharged for post- traumatic stress syndrome. The second thing, Jimmy Massey has profited off of this. He does have a book. He has a Web site in which he sells his story on a CD for a hundred dollars. I think it's called So it's been profitable for Jimmy Massey to keep telling this lie.

So there you have it! Lying for money and profit at the expense of the Marines. Classy. Given the track record of America-hating liberalism, I wouldn't be surprised if this were the case.