Alpine Summit

Monday, October 24, 2005

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

I haven't been too thrilled with the news lately, so I figure I'll blog about my latest gratuitous purchase.

I recently purchased Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. I really shouldn't have, but I did anyway. I won't bore you with the dramatic details of my constant lack of money, but suffice it to say, I'm going hungry this month for the sake of a piece of software; but I've wanted this game since it came out last year. It's actually worth it, though.

The "Medal of Honor" series has been really great. Pacific Assault starts off on a D-Day landing on Tarawa Atoll where you eventually die. At first, I thought it was a really short-lived game, but then you start two years earlier at boot camp and you go on from there.

The game is actually pretty good. As I said, I really liked the previous MOH games and PA is no different. You play the role of Tom Conolin, a member of the 2nd Raiders. I often wonder how, if the game is anything like how the war actually was, anybody could have gotten through it unscathed. I like how you get to use the heavy weapons more than the previous games. In one part, you actually get a portable medium machine gun which is awesome. Some other guns you get to use are AA cannons of varying models, plane-mounted .50 cal's, and artillery among other things. Speaking of planes, you actually get to fly in dogfights, etc. which is really cool. Right now, I have to sink a japanese carrier and support ship.

A couple of problems I have with the game include not being able to choose your gun. So far, my favorites are the Japanese sniper rifle, the M1 Garand, and the Thompson SMG. The shotgun isn't too bad, either. The BAR isn't too bad (it can shoot down planes) but it runs out of ammo really fast. Plus, it's hard to kill the Japanese. Direct head shots are shaken off and it usually takes a second shot to finish them. The controls are a bit awkward too, but can be reset pretty easily.

MOH:PA isn't the most current WW2 FPS game out there, but it's really cool and a lot of fun. So if you're looking for a new game on the cheap, this would be a good one to get. The latest WW2 FPS I know of that came out is Call of Duty 2. I downloaded the demo for it and though the controls are nice, the gameplay is somewhat awkward.