Alpine Summit

Friday, October 21, 2005

Mammalian Contradiction

I was watching the history channel last night, and they had a "Modern Marvels" episode about butchers. As they were explaining how this mobile butcher dispatches the cattle, it occured to me that this is perhaps a bit of a distasteful business--at least that aspect of it. I also figured the PETAphiles would take issue with killing the intelligent and majestic cow in a similarly idioticly militant way the Sheehan's and Moore's do with the Iraq war.

What occured to me was that there are so-called "solders" against the Iraq war, right? By the way, I put quotes there because they may, in fact, be imposters seeking ethos for their argument--as per Vietnam protests.

Anyway, I thought to myself: if there is a "soldiers against self defense and preservation " group, is there a "Butchers for PETA" group? I can only imagine.