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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hang 'em High

From the "what liberal bias" file comes LTC Ryan speaking about the western media in Iraq (via Gun Guy).

The fact is the Coalition is making steady progress in Iraq, but not without ups and downs. So why is it that no matter what events unfold, good or bad, the media highlights mostly the negative aspects of the event? The journalistic adage, “If it bleeds, it leads,” still applies in Iraq, but why only when it’s American blood?

My friend told me that this isn't liberal bias, but that stories similar to opening schools, water treatment plants, or any other host of good news stories would not be of any interest in this country, so why should it be news in Iraq? My response to him is context.

They aren't big stories here because nobody cares. Our lives are really good here in America--yes, even when democrats are in power. Our government is stable, our quality of life is second to none and most of all, our troops aren't risking their lives to build our country from rubble.

Now, throw the terrorists into this equation and you'll see that little girls going to school, or women voting while commonplace here in America, is a life or death decision for these people. You would also see that the troops building all of this infrastructure for the people of Iraq while at the same time maintaining security standards for civillians is nothing short of an amazing feat.

As Gun Guy states: "But here’s the money quote:"

I have had my staff aggressively pursue media coverage for all sorts of events that tell the other side of the story only to have them turned down or ignored by the press in Baghdad. Strangely, I found it much easier to lure the Arab media to a “non-lethal” event than the western outlets. Open a renovated school or a youth center and I could always count on Al-Iraqia or even Al-Jazeera to show up, but no western media ever showed up – ever.

There is something seriously wrong with the media if they aren't even sending someone to look at a potential news story even Al Jazeera is willing to investigate.

Gun Guy finishes his post: "Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required. [courtesy of the Emperor Misha]"

As I always end these posts: people who think the MSM isn't liberally biased is either willfully ignorant, or incredibly stupid.