Alpine Summit

Monday, October 17, 2005

Good News from Iraq

So Iraq seems to just about have a brand-spanking-new constitution. I don't recall hearing anything about this on the usual news channels; but then, I don't really watch them that much anymore. Indepundit has the juicy parts of the story. He seems to miss something though:

Over all, the nationwide referendum unfolded with remarkably little violence. There were only nine attacks in Baghdad, American military officials said, a small fraction of the usual daily number. One Iraqi civilian was killed in the capital while casting his vote, and a handful of Iraqi soldiers were killed elsewhere.

He doesn't mention (which I think should be mentioned as much and as often as possible) that voting, for Iraqi civillians, is a life-or-death decision. People here in the U.S. don't seem to realize that, I think.

Indepundit concludes with a rhetorical question of whether or not the America-haters (liberal or otherwise) will either try to spin this or just ignore it. I think they'll ignore it since they said this simply wouldn't happen at all. There's no way to spin this without at least acknowledging that they were wrong, and liberals are never akin to doing that.