Alpine Summit

Monday, October 17, 2005

Forgiveness is A Wonderful Thing

So I've been dealing with a personal demon and didn't even realize why until today; I had wronged a person a couple of years ago and ruined what could have been an amicable parting of the ways. So, I contacted this individual today and not only did they forgive me, but they got baptized a year ago! Talk about crazy weird. I don't think we're friends per se, but we're now at least on friendly terms. It's a wonderful thing, forgiveness.

It's moments like this that assure me there is, in fact, a God and he actually loves me. The Bible says to ask forgiveness for our sins in Jesus' name. I'm amazed that, despite my own mind, I followed the urging of the spirit to contact this person and initiate a long-overdue resolution. Everytime I follow the Bible, even when it goes against my "better" judgement, it turns out 10 times better than I expected it-- in fact, when I expect things to simply go to crap, they go the opposite direction. When I simply trust in God and His wisdom, I never cease to be amazed by Him or His infinite grace.