Alpine Summit

Friday, October 14, 2005


So last night I went to Cheyenne with my recruiter to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). My unofficial raw score is a 93 out of 99. I know if it were a test in school that's an 'A,' but since I only need roughly a 30 to pass, I'm not quite sure how the grading scheme goes. The recruiter said my score is "good" for what I'm aiming for though, so ROCKIN'!

Anyway, that's the latest from my efforts to join the officer ranks of the Army. I still need to finish my "Essential Information for Application Worksheet" which involves getting promises from people to write letters of recommendation, proof of living in certain areas, specific dates for some speeding violations, and other such things. There's also the 2-page essay I have to write about "why I want to be an Army officer" which shouldn't be too difficult.

Going a bit off-topic here: Dadmanly, thanks for the kind words and suggestions. I checked out the 98C you recommended and I would actually be more interested in intelligence analysis than intel gathering. My sister is trying to get into the Army now, and that's more up her alley.

Oh! After the test, the recruiter took us (I was with one other guy) to dinner which was pretty cool--FREE FOOD! It was a mini-celebration since he's getting the college money he wanted and I'm (still) competitive for OCS. We went to a place called Culver's which has awesome fast food. If you ever run into one, don't miss the opportunity to go. They also have custard!