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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Al Franken Is An Idiot

Michelle Malkin (AGAIN! That woman never stops!) links to a promo video of Al Franken pushing his latest America-hating screed (a.k.a. "book") where he proceeds to beat up a conservative. Take a look at it and read Michelle's thoughts on the issue... she has tons of linkage on it.

What I don't get is that liberals are always talking about how violence doesn't solve anything, how we're all supposed to be nice, live in peace, and float around like angels as if reality is just something we can all change at will--if only everyone would cooperate. I submit that any liberal who finds this funny in any way, and was opposed to ANY war EVER is a hypocrite. Why? Because this violence (unlike the Iraq or other wars in the past) was purely emotionally-driven and proved absolutely no point. As Michelle says, it's merely cathartic rather than comical.

I also find it interesting that Franken's "conservative" admits to not even reading the book and just being a "right-wing jerk" who only gave the book one star. When Hannity's new book "Deliver Us From Evil" hadn't even been released, liberals were actually organizing to write up bad reviews of the book before it was even released! Quickly browsing through the latest entries, I still see the one-starred reviews starting off with "I'm a moderate..." or "I'm an independent who looks at both sides..." in a pathetic attempt to establish ethos with the reader.

The thing that pushed me towards the conservative movement, other than actually having good ideas, is the fact that conservatives are principled and all around gracious people. They don't stoop to using such tactics to selling a book. You can bet that if they did though, they'd be demonized by everyone in the MSM and perhaps even dropped by their distributor. Liberals always seem to get away with this sort of stupid, childish behavior.