Alpine Summit

Friday, October 07, 2005

40 Year Old Virgin on "40 Year Old Virgin"

I've seen "40 Year Old Virgin" twice. I'm sure it would offend the sensibilities of my pentecostal friends here, but I could not stop laughing the first time I saw it, and was only able to get sporadic gulps of air the second time. It was indeed halarious, and I could definitely see myself living a similar lifestyle in 17 years, but my own sensibilities (and history) prohibit it. Anyway, "C" (which I assume stands for Chris or Charles) at Way off Bass reviews "40YOV" as an actual 40 Year Old Virgin. It makes for quite humorous reading. I think the movie broke his mind.

Basically, his two issues were: 1. It sucks being a virgin, and 2. This movie hits too close to home for comfort. Oh, he also needs/wants a woman bad; but not in the way you think. I'm just happy to see such existential revelations coming about in others.