Alpine Summit

Friday, September 30, 2005

Yon: Rhma's Coming to America

Michael Yon reports on the final mission of "Deuce Four." An army unit with which he's been embedded for 8 months. The final mission of this unit was saving a little girl with a heart condition.

Much world travel has convinced me that the “average American” is a good person. But even a good person needs information in order to act effectively on their best impulses. Oftentimes, good things do not happen simply because information does not make it to the right people.

I believe this was the case for a sick little Iraqi girl named Rhma. American “Deuce Four” soldiers found Rhma one night in Mosul. She needed serious medical attention. Doctors, nurses and others back in America, along with the soldiers in Mosul, worked diligently on behalf of this child, and eventually they generated the support required to get Rhma the treatment she desperately needed. But it wasn’t just Americans: I also saw offers come in from the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, among others.

Stories like this sicken me when I think people like this are assigning moral equivalence between our troops and the terrorists. Read the whole thing, and if you live in NM, call your local news station and ask them to cover this story. People need to know about these sorts of things.