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Friday, September 16, 2005

War on Men Continues

According to some "scientists," being patriarchal is why men die sooner than women. Oh, and how do they measure the level of patriarchy? Why, the murders of females, of course.

THURSDAY, Sept. 15 (HealthDay News) -- In a somewhat unexpected finding, societal male dominance over women -- patriarchy -- may help explain why men have a lower life expectancy than women worldwide.

British researchers analyzed rates of female murders and male death rates from all causes in 51 countries in Europe, Asia, Australasia, and North and South America. The prevalence of violence against women was used to indicate the extent of patriarchal control in each of the countries. Socioeconomic factors were also taken into consideration.

The study found that women lived longer than men in all 51 countries. The study also found that those countries with higher rates of female murders (indicating higher levels of patriarchy) also had higher rates for male death and shorter male life expectancies, compared to countries with lower female murder rates, the researchers said.

I hope I don't have to explain to anyone the idiocy associated with this. By measuring the amount of patriarchy in this "study" as the level of 'how many women were killed' is absolutely nonsense. Did they discount the female-female murders? That isn't even the issue! By measuring patriarchy as they do, they are exhibiting an opinion on their research that patriarchy is based on women being killed. That's innacurate at best and downright sexist overall.

Wikipedia has a description of patriarchy as thus:

A patriarch (from Greek: patria means father; arché means rule, beginning, origin) is a male head of an extended family exercising autocratic authority, or, by extension, a member of the ruling class or government of a society controlled by senior men. The word patriarch also denotes certain high-ranking bishops in some hierarchical churches; see patriarch; the word patriarchy (or patriarchate) in that case refers to his seat and domain.

Nowhere in there does it say a requirement for patriarchy is to kill women. Not to mention that I don't know too many countries where this (women being killed because a man is brought up in society to show his manliness by killing women- maybe the middle east...) is the case. I know in America, for the most part, marriages are partnerships more than a patriarchy and women have just as much say as a man on what goes on in this country.

Also, there are documented cases where monestaries and convents were examined and showed the women still living longer than the men. How would this study explain that, when there are no women for the monks to kill? Absolutely ridiculous.