Alpine Summit

Friday, September 30, 2005

United Ninnies

Glenn Reynolds links to a story on the U.N. attempting to wrest control of the Internet from the U.S. I'm glad we're soundly rejecting this.

A senior U.S. official rejected calls on Thursday for a U.N. body to take over control of the main computers that direct traffic on the Internet, reiterating U.S. intentions to keep its historical role as the medium's principal overseer.

"We will not agree to the U.N. taking over the management of the Internet," said Ambassador David Gross, the U.S. coordinator for international communications and information policy at the State Department. "Some countries want that. We think that's unacceptable."

Many countries, particularly developing ones, have become increasingly concerned about the U.S. control, which stems from the country's role in creating the Internet as a Pentagon project and funding much of its early development.

The U.N. has been trying for a couple of years now to try and get their grubby, speech-silencing, hands on the Internet to start censoring any dissident speech. It used to be: "we want to stop dissemination of threatening and dangerous things (like child pornography). This was soundly rejected since it's already illegal in the U.S. to do such things and it is, in fact, member nations of the U.N. that are the problem. Now it's "we want control over things that involve the entire world and give the third world countries their (un)fair share of the Internet." Which far overstepps the charter of the U.N. in my opinion and reaks of socialism.

Not only that, but they don't even care that it's the U.S. that created the Internet--using its own defense funds to do so. Just like everything else the U.S. comes up with, we are expected to give it away. Then, once the countries have what they want, criticize us for having a larger defense budget when other countries spend a fraction of the money but have comparable militaries and wonder how we can spend so much money.

Hey, U.N.! You want the Internet? Come and get it. I can't think of a more worthless organization constantly trying to gain more and more power over individual nations' sovereignty-- especially the United States.