Alpine Summit

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Roberts Confirmed!

Well, I'm glad he finally got confirmed. I read a news story saying he's the youngest chief justice since 1801.

Roberts, 50, will be the youngest person in the exalted position of chief justice since John Marshall, an appointee of President John Adams. Marshall took office in 1801 at the age of 45.

That WaPo article really isn't bad in terms of giving a good overview of history etc. I was wondering what the breakdown of the vote was, and here it is. Notice that the "yeas" are a bipartisan majority while the "nays" aren't. The ONLY people to vote against this were Democrats--the craziest ones, too. True, there were plenty of Democrats who voted for him, but my point is that the ones who voted against Roberts are the partisan hacks.

There was absolutely no reason to vote against Roberts, and the fact that these people did shows their policies and views are dictated by being against Republicans and Bush than through any mode of critical thought.