Alpine Summit

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Recap of the Hanson/Huffington Debate

This recap of the Hanson/Huffingtion debate was really concise and well-done:

Actually, to be honest it’s not really a debate at all, it is a massacre. Huffington is totally outclassed - she couldn’t even stay on topic for two minutes before wandering into some misguided rant about Wal-Mart (!) or Hurricane Katrina (?). But where the hell are the real intellectuals of the left? I seriously want to hear some proper persuasion, one way or the other, on any number of interesting topics. I want to be challenged and hear opposing points. And instead we get Huffington - and this is the best she can do? It was embarrassing to watch. Nothing but a confused, rambling tirade about every disconnected “anti-bush” talking point she could think of. But the thing is, this is par for the course with the modern left.

This is the real reason the left is losing ground. Anyone who actually pays attention to what they are saying can’t avoid the conclusion: they are absolutely full of shit. How can they expect to get support when they just make it up as they go along?

Modern left thinking is nothing but a confused mess of half-truths, shallow and woefully inadequate analysis, rapidly changing topics, logical missteps, appeals to race and/or class, and sanctimonious bluster; whatever well-meaning ideals it supposedly started with. It is, quite simply, doomed.

Perfectly worded and extremely true. One thing I noticed about Huffington (and left-wing arguments in general) was her Tu quoque, ad homenim, and straw man arguments. She was indeed horribly off-topic for most of the debate.