Alpine Summit

Monday, September 05, 2005

Penns Aren't Paddles

Sean Penn, the actor who brought us such classics as this, decided to grab the spotlight again by "helping the children" in a boat that was all but swamped by PR people and other members of his entorage. His boat sprung a leak and the motor failed forcing them to paddle through the New Orleans street and save themselves.

When the boat's motor failed to start, those aboard were forced to use paddles to propel themselves down the flooded New Orleans street.

Asked what he had hoped to achieve in the waterlogged city, the actor replied: "Whatever I can do to help."

With the boat loaded with members of Penn's entourage, including a personal photographer, one bystander taunted the actor: "How are you going to get any people in that thing?"

He's just a media whore. Penn is the perfect example of the self-important attitude many actors have about themselves. "Hey, I'm famous! That makes me an authority on all things on which I wish to speak." I guarantee you he only went there for the publicity and it simply backfired on him. He'll probably also start using this as some indictment of Bush... somehow. The classic "I've been there and so I can say that Bush sucks" tactic will come into play I'm sure.

If all Penn wanted to do was help, then why did he need to bring his personal photographer with him? It also sounds more like Mr. Self-Important was getting in the way more than helping... a small price to pay for the priceless photographs of Penn's non-caring for people, I guess.