Alpine Summit

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Not Fonda Iraq

So Jane "Hanoi" Fonda has decided to cancel her "hate America" tour in Iraq on a hippy bus. Why? She doesn't want to steal Casey Sheehan's mother's thunder.

Jane Fonda told me yesterday she's scrapped plans for anti-war bus trip next March. As well, Fonda will be making only two appearances this month on another rally with controversial British politician George Galloway, not the eight that were widely misreported in the press yesterday.

Why the change of plans? Certainly, Fonda is still very much against the war in Iraq and in favor of helping our troops there. But she said that she didn't want to distract people from Cindy Sheehan's bus trip, already under way and gathering support.

Sheehan, who camped out in front of President Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch last month, is now on her way to scheduled appearances around the country.

This woman is so self-important that she thinks anybody, least of all the troops, cares what she does, thinks, or says. The fact of the matter is that she hates America. The real reason she cancelled her tour is because her purpose all along was to create more anti-American rhetoric ("I saw the killing fields and Bush's war has slaughtered thou- no, MILLIONS... ... but I support the troops [please don't call me unpatriotic]!"). Now that Casey Sheehan's mother has done that already, why should Fonda risk her own neck for something in which she believes? I mean, after all, putting your life on the line for something you believe in is for knuckle-dragging morons, right Ms. Fonda?

Also, how did Fonda plan to help the people doing the very work she is against? Like JimK said in his podcast the other week: "...what are you supporting, the uniform?" I guess this is her idea of helping the troops... whatever. Baby killers are baby killers, right? What does it matter what side of the war they're on?