Alpine Summit

Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's All About the Numbers

I'm listening to the Hitchens/Galloway debate right now, and Galloway mentions the number dead. First off, he accuses Bush of killing thousands in Fallujah and that it's somehow a bad thing. He neglects to mention that those "thousands killed" were terrorists. He assigns a moral equivalence to the terrorists and our troops; that somehow our troops are on par with people who kill innocents, cut off their heads and blow themselves up to kill as many civillians as possible.

Anyway, what I noticed was that he not only mentioned the dead in Iraq (with speculative numbers), but he also mentions the wounded and maimed. This will certainly inflate numbers of those "hurt" by this war. I seem to be noticing them (liberals) mention this more and more. The numbers of dead are not large enough to affect the emotions of the public, so now they're including wounded to try and inflate them to greater numbers... or am I just hearing things for the first time?

Also, Hitchens makes a good point that if you believe the only casualties of this war are being caused by coalition forces, then you're views are seriously flawed and aren't even worth considering.