Alpine Summit

Monday, September 19, 2005

Hanson v. Huffington

I was catching up on LGF's page and found a link to a video of a debate between Victor Davis Hanson and Ariana Huffington. Oh man! Huffington got REAMED by Hanson and it was beautiful. The question of the debate was: "Is America an imperialist country?" Hanson addressed (not) all the reasons that we aren't an imperialist society, and Huffington did nothing but make straw man arguments and ad homenim attacks against Bush et. al. Oh yeah, then turn around and accuse Hanson of doing it- typical left-wing tu quoque attacks. The video is streaming real video, so if you don't have real player, get it; it's worth the spyware. I wish I had a downloadable version somewhere as this would make an awesome addition to my hard drive, but whatever.

Also, the Q&A section was good. Hanson got to stick it to some crazy libs. If you don't already, read VDH's columns (link in my blogroll). He is an absolutely brilliant man full of wonderful insights and fantastic arguments and historical examples for the conservative viewpoint.