Alpine Summit

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Biased Commentary

Michael Yon, that 'conservative hack for Bush,' writes about the comments of LTC Erik Kurilla, a wounded soldier from Iraq. Read the story of how he was wounded here. It includes pictures of him in action as well.

In between the daily secret reports Kurilla has brought to his hospital room so he can track his battalion, the Commander watches television news, increasingly frustrated by what he sees as a clear, and inaccurate, negative bias. “When you get the news back here in the states, it’s all doom and body counts. I only wish the American public could see the incredible progress that is being made every day in Iraq, particularly in places like Mosul.”

What a surprise. Yet another soldier complaining about how the media has spun this war into some doom and gloom misery with absolutely no positives. Oh THAT liberal bias.