Alpine Summit

Monday, August 08, 2005

"War, Huh, What Is It Good For?" Plenty.

Dadmanly has a great post about war and how the evil affect the good.

Once fed and secure, it seems the hands and minds of the clever will earn their due, and work their destruction. Something about idle minds I suppose. At first for self, then for kin and clan, eventually for country. I can appreciate how one might fervently desire to be a pacifist, even if I could never be one myself.

That is why the concept of Just War is so important. The impulses for violence and destruction will always be with us. Evil and hate will often be its motive, and initiator. But unless we surrender to evil, or try to appease those who threaten to destroy us; unless we offer tribute in gold or the human sacrifice of willing bondage or self-genocide; we must harness those impulses of our lesser selves in channeling that violence on behalf of good.

He makes a good point. I've always had the attitude of "live and let live" and "don't start nothin' won't be nothin'." Obviously, not everyone shares that view. I don't know of any other country more concerned with the moral implications of its actions than the United States. This is especially true when it comes to the military. There was a LOT of soul searching before we dropped the bomb on Japan. We had a clear moral compulsion to fight communism and other murderous regimes around the world through the years. Sure the political reasons weren't morally based, but moral judgments were incidentally made as part of the decision process. Reagan wanted to defeat communism at all costs. He considered it the primary evil in the world- and so it made getting in bed with the Contras and the Taliban okay because they were fighting communism and it didn't matter what else they did. Such moral judgements can be debated over as to whether it was right, but that's beyond the scope of this post.

Such moral judgments must always be made before a decision to go to war or commit aggressive acts towards others can be made. Perhaps that's the reason liberals can rarely (if ever) get behind any kind of act of war today. Their world-view is that all opinions and viewpoints are equally valid regardless of who holds them and in what situation; and who are we to impose our own world-view? Well little do they know, but they are trying to impose their worldview too- a world-view of all inclusiveness- which doesn't work. This world is full of conflict- armed and otherwise and if it wasn't for good people willing to do the same ugly things as the evil ones, evil would undoubtedly prevail in this world.