Alpine Summit

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Today Feels Like a Martini

It's Dry blogging today. Nothing realy tickled my fancy to talk about today. I found this at Newhouse A1, though. Funny stuff.

There are, of course, protesters. They chant: "Hey hey! Ho ho! Bolton John has got to go! Hey hey! Ho ho!" But Bolton strides right through the crowd and enters the building, leaving the protesters stunned: It didn't work! The chant didn't work! Frantic calls are placed to ANSWER, CORE, ACORN, NARAL and the National Guild of Pronounceable Acronyms (NGPA); the leadership is informed that the magic chant has failed. Lucifer has entered the temple! Repeat, Lucifer is in the temple! Call George Soros and have him fund a new one STAT! No, that doesn't stand for anything.

Check it out if you like some fun commentary on leftists.