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Monday, August 01, 2005

Stemming Abortion

Shamalama links to a story where scientists in Sweeden have succesfully created brain cells using adult stem cells; a feat previously thought impossible. Science marches on.

Maybe now we can leave the embryos alone.

I wouldn't count on it. Liberals I've spoken to, especially the bio professors on my campus, have advocated embryonic stem cell research for the mere possibility of having good research come from it. They usually argue "yeah, adults stem cells are good and all, but what are we missing from not researching the embryonic stem cells?" Which I guess has merit on some level but, to me, is still unethical. All science does is say what can be done... never what should be done. That is our job as moral creatures. Also, it may be important to point out that there has been ZERO medical benefit derived from embryonic stem cells- it's all been from the adult version.

It is funny that Sweden, the 2nd country to allow abortion, is doing research on adult cells, don't you think? There is nothing in their government stopping them to use embryonic cells, but they chose adult cells here.

I'm not sure if they aren't doing research at all on embryonic stem cells, but I can tell you the ones that are doing 'embryonics' instead of adult are still researching while those who have been researching 'adults' have actually seen results.

And while we're on the subject, Frist is a hypocrite. If he isn't, then he simply doesn't care about saving unborn children as he's already said he believes life begins as conception.