Alpine Summit

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Rural America Is The Next India

High tech companies are moving their operations into small-town America more and more, according to this article by ABC. It's rather interesting to think that jobs where the latest craze is to outsource them are actually being kept "in-house." One thing I thought of is that cost of living can actually be cheaper in small towns mainly because property values are low and, depending on what the town's primary function is, other goods and services can be cheaper as well. Not to mention the people.

There are just more pleasant, honest, people that I'd much rather be around than in a city or suburb. I can't say a town of 700 is really my cup of tea, but here in Laramie the population is around 25,000 which I love. I still consider it "small" but it affords the benefits of a larger town with the pleasantness of a small one. Though they still shut off the traffic lights at midnight- which is still weird for me.