Alpine Summit

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Piles of Rocks 3

One of Saintos' claims is that the pope never made the assertion that Catholicism was the "one true faith" as I claimed he said. To some extent, he was right- but I did some digging and found this story of Cardinal Ratzinger. He never actually mentions Catholicism is the one true belief system, but he certainly implied it.

A new Vatican assertion that the Catholic church cannot be anyone's "sister church" because it is the "mother" of individual churches represents a potentially serious blow to relations between Catholicism and other branches of Christianity, according to several ecumenical experts.

As I said, Ratzinger asserted that the Catholic church is sibling to none and parent to all who believe in Christ.

Ironically, the term "sister church" was first used by a pope, Pope Paul VI, who referred to Anglicans as a "sister church" in 1970. Pope John Paul II has endorsed the concept, referring to Eastern and Western Christianity as the "two lungs" of the church.

Properly speaking, the new document says, Catholicism cannot be a sister of another Christian body such as the Orthodox because it "implies a plurality ... on the level of the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic church confessed in the Creed, whose real existence is thus obscured."

Interesting words, I believe. My point is that Catholics assign far too much value to the church (among other things) instead of concentrating on the faith. This Pope is thus convinced of the Catholic church's own superiority.

"So Paul VI was in error, was he?" asked the Rev. Barry Norris, an Anglican priest involved in ecumenical dialogue in England. "What other term do you use? I mean, either you're sister churches or you're not. If you're not, then it's just the Catholics and the heretics."

I couldn't put it better myself. This is why I have an issue with the Catholic church on this point. If Catholicism is the only true church, that makes me a heretic. That fact they argue about there being more than one church is evidence that they ignore faith and put all power in their own creation. As I said before; Jesus' "church" is the entire Christian faith. The Catholic church is merely one part of a greater thing.