Alpine Summit

Friday, August 12, 2005

Piles of Rocks 2

So apparently, I seemed to have struck a nerve with the Catholics. I posted a comment on Catholic Pillow Fight that I felt I should go ahead and repeat here.

What I meant by that post is that I find Catholicism to be too wrapped up in its traditions and itself. I dated a Catholic girl and she (as well as her mother) were insistent that whoever she marry be a Catholic. To me, "The Church" spoken of in the Bible is not a Catholic one- nor is it a protestant one. The biblical church is the Christian faith. I'm not a Catholic because like I said, I have other issues with the Catholic church itself. I know this sounds like I just don't like it in any way shape or form, but really, all I'm saying is that I just have an issue with how Catholics (and their church) treat such sculptures, cathedrals, and paintings. I think Catholics ascribe too much meaning to them.

Also, I read Saintos' post as a criticism of protestant worship in how he described worship at his new parish- which was the inspiration for my post.

BTW, apologies Saintos for calling you "this guy" I guess that sounds somewhat demeaning.

UPDATE: I made a post about Saintos claiming the pope never said Catholicism is the one true church. Read it here.