Alpine Summit

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Only Ones

Yolo Cowboy makes a good point I had not thought of before regarding the flodding in the south right now compared to the tsunami aid we gave when all that stuff happened.

One of the largest support efforts made by America was the US military. The resources set in motion to help find stranded and isolated victims was a Herculean effort. All the helicopters, hovercraft, and amphibious craft sent into the region cost untold millions, if not a billion dollars.

As some unfortunate people in Mississippi and Louisiana sit on their rooftops for a second night waiting to be rescued, I wonder how many helicopters from Mexico or Canada are flying tonight to help the rescue effort? I couldn't find any stories on the web as of this post.

One thing he leaves out is how all those countries not helping us were posturing and squawking about how greedy we are compared to them who donated more money. Then again, who wants their help anyway? I don't think we would be able to live with their egos after that. I mean, I can barely live with them now.