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Sunday, August 14, 2005

More Liberal Media!

So I'm watching TV, flipping through channels and see CNN covering a story about Bush throwing the first pitch at a kids baseball game- his pet project as president. "Okay," I thought, "this is a cool story- let's watch." No sooner did they finish talking about the "first pitch" story than they started in on how he got there! I mean, who the hell cares how he got there? What did they say about how he got there? GLAD YOU ASKED!

The game was being played just about 20 miles from the ranch where Bush is spending the month of August. Bush traveled to the game by helicopter, missing the throng of anti-war protesters gathered on the country road leading to his ranch.

The demonstrations began August 6 when Cindy Sheehan of California came demanding to ask Bush about her son -- a soldier who died last year in Iraq. (Full story)

More than 350 anti-war demonstrators rallied at a park in nearby Crawford Saturday in support of Sheehan, then traveled several miles out to her roadside campsite.

About a dozen Bush supporters stood across the street, kept apart from the anti-war group by sheriff's deputies and Secret Service agents.

They round out the story with "Bush took an alternative route to the field, bypassing anti-war protesters." Since one of their bigger stories involves Cindy Sheehan wanting to ask why "Bush killed her son," they make it a point to mention that he's not going near the protesters. This way, they make Bush look like a complete jerk who cares nothing for the whims of those who hate him. I would think that his route choice has more to do with security than anything- but even if it didn't, so what? Their story revolves around a woman who has already met with Bush! Of course, why let such trivialities stop someone from complaining? Also, they number the protesters in the hundreds and call them a "throng" and simply pay lip service to "a dozen" pro-Bush people.

When all this Sheehan stuff started, she complained: "why won't the president speak with me?" Implying that he flat out refuses to speak with the families of war dead. Then it came out the president already HAD spoken with her and she changed her tune to; "why won't the president speak with me AGAIN?" The president did her a service speaking with her the first time, and it was no doubt a special event (heck, even Sheehan said he was sincere and warm-hearted etc.). The president is not here to be at the beckoned call of almost 200 Million people 24/7. I certainly wouldn't expect the president to instantly come to me if I wanted to speak with him. Why? Because I recognize that his job involves running a country- not chatting with his constituents- or political enemies for that matter.

You had your chance, Ms. Sheehan, and now you've been brainwashed by Moore et. al. and want to have another go at it, too bad.

I also see on Fox News they're talking about some irked neighbors who are sick of the protesters. It's probably that unbearable scent of patchouli oil and unwashed bodies.