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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Moral Superiors Strike Again

A story about voter fraud in the '04 election. For all the bloviating the Democrats do about how Republicans steal elections and intimidate voters, you would think they were as pure as the driven snow.

All reasonable people know it -- it was well documented by various media sources throughout the 2004 election and now we have the concrete proof: Democrats and their operatives were far and away more involved in voter intimidation, fraud, suppression and, yes, disenfranchisement, than Republicans. It's not even close. But don't take our word for it liberals, read the 368-page report by the non-partisan American Center for Voting Rights yourself.

There used to be an actual news story associated with this, but the link died- how odd! As much as I hate to point to blogs as news sources (because it's like citing the Bible to an atheist), this seems to have a great breakdown of the report. Democrats are masters of accusing Republicans of exactly what they themselves are guilty of; this way, when a Republican points out that it's actually the Democrats who are guilty of something, they look reactionary and defensive. Well now it's good to actually see some documentation on one of those things.

Notwithstanding the fact that all you seemed to hear about during the 2004 election was voter fraud by Democrats, there are some things that just didn't make sense in the results of the 2004 election (and the 2000 election for that matter). One of these is the fact that, when you look at the red/blue map, that map is dominated by red -- they don't call America "Bush Country" for nothing -- but the election results in 2004 were still relatively close and razor thin in 2000. Of course you expect blue to be dominant in the larger population centers where there are traditionally more Democratic voters. But the larger Democratic population centers are also ripe for voter fraud based on the sheer number of voters. And wouldn't you know, all five of the areas mentioned in the introduction letter to the report -- Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Seattle, St. Louis/East St. Louis and Cleveland were all big Democratic voter populations centers. But it doesn't end there. A couple pages later, the table of contents lists all of the states that had voter fraud significant enough to rate their own section in the report. Not surprisingly, all these states were either Democrat strongholds or serious battleground states. And it doesn't get any better for the Democrats in the executive summary.

I'm sure it's just some big conspiracy. Let's see if this is mentioned at all in the MSM. I will be breathing regularly during that time.

UPDATE: Brad Blog, a leftist blog, interviewed one of the members of the ACVR. I found it at least interesting, though I think they were hoping to discredit the organization and thus the report.