Alpine Summit

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Maternal Traitor

Cindy Sheehan, whom you should know by now as the woman camping out in Texas to call Bush a murderer and other leftist names, has betrayed her son's memory from what she's done.

After her son died, she met with Bush were she called him sincere and honest in his grief for her son's lost life. Of course, this wasn't reported back when she said it. In stead, she was only covered by the MSM after deciding to camp out and criticize the president. Interesting timing, don't you think? Anyway, I'm talking about how she's a traitor. Not to her country- anyone has the right to disagree, change their minds, etc. No. She's a traitor to her son.

Her son conciously made a decision to join the military and agreed to put his life on the line for his country. When he joined the military, he made his country's goals his own and became an active participant to bring those goals to fruition. Unfortunately, he had to give all he had to accomplish those goals.

Now his mother is saying "honor my son by pulling out of Iraq." How is she honoring or supporting her son this way? She's saying "honor my son by abandoning all he worked for." How is that honoring him? It seems to me that by making sure the goals he was working towards- that is, a free Iraq and one less place for America's enemies to live, one could honor him. Not ensuring all he worked for never happens. Do we "honor" dead people by completely ignoring what their will says? No. We honor them by following their final wishes. Could one not consider such an act as willingly going to Iraq as a final wish?

I never met Casey Sheehan, but I have met soldiers. The soldiers I've met would NEVER want what they've worked so hard for to simply vanish. Even today Vietnam is a bitter memory for many soldiers; not because they felt they were forced to fight an unjust war, but because they lost a war where many of their friends and comrades died and neither loss or excessive death had to happen.

I can't help but wonder who she's been talking to that made her change her mind. I know she's aligned with Michael Moore and other crazy people, but there had to be someone she spoke to on an individual level to convince her that her son died for no reason. The fact that she's merely spouting the typical leftist "bushitlerhalliburtonbloodforoil" screed tells me she's been convinced and hasn't come to these conclusions on her own- considering her opinions only a few months ago.