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Monday, August 01, 2005

The Latest on the Liberal Media

Greyhawk links to a Newsweek story (of all places) dispelling the reports by the media of all the wanton death and destruction being indescriminately doled out by our evil facist forces.

The author is Rod Nordland, who just completed a stint as Newsweek's Baghdad bureau chief. Read the entire article here. Among other things Nordland examines (and debunks) the previously discredited but still oft-touted Lancet report that claims 100,000 dead civilians in Iraq. Likewise he doesn't shy away from noting the tactics used by Saddam's army in the fall of Baghdad (and by "insurgents" since) that were designed to maximize civilian casualties - a point that's been examined here previously.

To what end? Because Saddm assumed the press backlash against US forces would fuel anti-American sympathies and prevent the fall of Baghdad. But that event took a little less time (and significantly fewer casualties) than the Baathist leadership had estimated. But while the civilian casualties did not occur in the predicted numbers that didn't stop "many" from claiming they indeed had. Saddam woefully underestimated the speed and precision with which the US military would end his regime, but he was dead-on in anticipating the response of a world-wide propaganda machine and the subsequent response from those easily swayed to jihad - and other, less violent support. Thus the irony - and it's a criminal irony, to be honest - is that the inflated reports of civilian casualties go a long way towards inspiring an influx of foreign fighters to Iraq, and thus more civilian casualties there.

I've noticed this too. I remember watching CNN a few times and they cite the horrid and innacurate Iraq Body Count website as a legitimate news source. One of their problems is that they are counting civillian deaths by the hands of the terrorists, but blaming the U.S. for those deaths. Reporting on inflated numbers instead of seeking the actual truth is journalistically unethical; because it emboldens our enemies, and polarizes those who may not have decided to be violent or hated the U.S. to begin with, but what else should we expect from CNN or the MSM in general?

Also, keep this story in mind when Jane Fonda gets back from Iraq talking about all the atrocities committed by our troops and how the goat farmers were forced into a war by us imperialists.