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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Another Reason the Red Cross Sucks

I caught this story off of Cox and Forkum's site.

Maurizio Scelli, the outgoing commissioner of the aid organization, is reported to have said the deal to free the two women -- Simona Pari and Simona Torretta -- was kept secret from U.S. officials.

"The mediators asked us to treat and save the lives of four presumed terrorists sought by the Americans, wounded in combat. We hid them and brought them to the doctors with the Red Cross, who operated on them," Scelli told La Stampa daily in an interview published Thursday.

Unbelievable. Red Cross helps terrorists and HIDES them from us. That goes way beyond simply helping them without bias as their spokesman says.

Red Cross spokesman Fabrizio Centofanti later confirmed to CNN that the organization had treated the Iraqis.

"The Red Cross is an impartial organization and it does not depend on the Italian government," Centofanti said.

"It did help presumed Iraqi terrorists, but it did so in the spirit of the Red Cross to help out everyone in need."

The Red Cross gives medical treatment to terrorists- I don't like it, but I can live with it considering the arguments. But hiding them and providing any other type of aid other than medical assistance I absolutely cannot condone. Never will I give one dime to the Red Cross. In fact, there are plenty of other charities to which I would rather donate. Not to mention civil rights organizations.

If the Red Cross is able to spend resources aiding our enemies beyond what they're supposed to be doing, then they don't need my money.