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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Total ReKarl

So my friend had some things to point out about my thoughts on the Rove issue. I thought I might address them here since he brings up the typical liberal talking points. First off, I'm not going to say he's completely free of any wrong-doing but from a legal standpoint, I don't think he broke any laws. So I'll show the message he left me on AIM and comment after.

Him (10:36:57 PM): He leaked double super secret information that HAPPENED to put the life of the wife of a political opponent of his in dire peril. WHAT A COINCIDENCE

Auto response from Me (10:36:57 PM): My thoughts on the Rove issue: here.

Him (10:38:09 PM): And even if Rove weren't at fault, it's hilarious how badly McClellan has lied about this whole thing, I'd show you the unedited video if you were ever online. Bush is doing only slightly better than his press stooge

Him (10:38:27 PM): There is no way you can turn this around on Wilson or the DNC

Him (10:40:00 PM): I mean we have 100% unquestionable proof that Rove did leak the identity of the dude's wife. The information being used to "discredit" Wilson is basically pulled directly out of the a**es of pundits. Also if you'd like to see a hilarious "talking point release" sent from the GOP leaders to lower level offices, I could dig that up too

Him (10:40:31 PM): The defense of Rove relies on the assumption that he's an innocent moron who had no idea that this Wilson guy's wife was doing anything covert

Him (10:41:16 PM): And in your blog you failed to bring up the FACT that Bush said that the person responsible for the leak would be fired, no questions asked

Him (10:41:20 PM): Rove was responsible, one way or another

Him (10:41:26 PM): Therefore Bush lied if he does not fire Rove

So first off, the guy's wife was not in danger. By the time he mentioned "Wilson's wife" (which is what he said- not "Plame") she was already back in Langley, VA working at CIA HQ. Her life was not in danger and her being exposed as a CIA operative was not going to get anybody killed. Sure, being outed by the press as a CIA operative is pretty bad for an undercover carreer, but you can hardly hold that against Rove.

As for McClellan's comments on the issue, everywhere I've read (news articles included) he's mentioned that they are not going to comment on something while there is an ongoing investigation. Hardly "lying" in my book.

No way to turn this around on Wilson or the DNC? Well aside from Kerry and Kennedy going off the deep end (again) and demanding Rove be fired immediately without trial or having a fair hearing, Wilson has been found to have lied about the situation with Niger altogether! He said that he was sent to Niger by the Vice President and there is absolutely no proof of this, and Cheney even said that he's never even read a brief from Wilson. But that's not lying, it's just a mistake, right? Please. Read more about it here.

There is no "100% unquestionable proof" that Rove leaked the identity of his wife. The comment he made during the interview was simply "I think his wife recruited him" or something along those lines. The one to actually EXPOSE who his wife was was the reporter after doing some deeper digging and actually printing her name. Rove never mentioned her by name, and I certainly don't believe it was done with malicious intent- though I could be wrong about that one. All Rove did was mention that Wilson had a wife in the CIA... never used a name and there's little to no proof that he even knew who she was. I guess a case could be made that Rove outed her, but I'm more inclined to put the blame on the reporter who actually did the digging and printed the name. Had Rove said "Mrs. Plame was a CIA operative blah blah blah" then I could see a case. As it is, though, there really is no leg to stand on for the DNC/Liberals accusing Rove.

The defense of Rove relies on the FACT that the prosecution must prove (among other things) malicious intent. Just this qualifier makes me think he won't get convicted. As for the Bush thing, like I said, I think the blame is on the reporter who printed her name etc. when her actual identity was not leaked by Rove, but by the reporter. Also, Bush's actual words were, according to the NYT today said he would fire anyone who had knowingly leaked information... Though if you were to have to pick someone in the administration to blame, Rove would be the closest one. That doesn't mean he HAS to be fired. Time will tell and once things are mor fully investigated, a clearer picture can be formed. At this point, though, firing Rove is premature.

Could Rove have been shrewdly dropping hints to a reporter to "get back" at Wilson et. al.? Perhaps, but I don't believe so. If that is the case, I don't see how they could prove it. He's either an absolute political genius who found a loophole in the system, or he's just unaware of specific details about CIA operatives and their exact role within the agency. Either way, he isn't going to be found guilty of wrongdoing- unless the investigation is run by Democrats. Mark my words, he'll get off.