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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Styen's Latest

I got this from the open thread comments today at LGF. Mark steyn comments on a couple of things in this column I find quite interesting.

According to his cousins back in Pakistan, Yorkshire lad Shehzad Tanweer decided to become a "holy warrior" because of "US abuse of Muslim prisoners in Guantanamo Bay".

There is, of course, no "US abuse of Muslim prisoners in Guantanamo Bay". Newsweek's story about Korans being flushed down the toilet turned out to be a crock; minor examples of possible disrespect of the holy book are outweighed by multiple desecrations of their Korans by the detainees. One man was exposed to Christina Aguilera CDs played very loud in an attempt to break him, which I can't say I'd care for. Another had large chunks of Harry Potter read to him, but don't worry, it wasn't the new one.

None the less, to avenge the brutal torture of having Harry Potter read to you by a woman, Shehzad Tanweer self-detonated on the Underground and killed seven people. Ted Kennedy, Newsweek and the British press might like to ponder that before they puff up the next shameful torture technique (insufficient selection of entrées?) into front page news. Loose lips sink Tube trips.

This reminds me of a discussion I was having with my friend over AIM the other night. He was complaining about how the Bush administration is trying to keep several Abu Ghraib pictures out of the public forum and cites this as an example of the illegal oppressive cabal that is the Bush regime- or something along those lines. He wanted the pictures released so we can "know how evil our Army is." I told him, that such images serve no purpose because the issue is over, those who have been found to do wrong have been punished and the pictures would only serve as propaganda for the terrorists and Al Jazeera. They would be able to point to those pictures and say "see? the Americans are as bad as we've been saying!" This adds to the terrorists' movement and subsequently puts our own troops in danger.

I'm all for the FOIA, but during a time of war where our troops lives are on the line is no time to demand these pictures become public. My friend's response was that troops signed up to get shot at and it was their own decision to be put in harm's way by their country. That part is true, but they didn't sign up to be put in harm's way just so their country could turn around and betray them by feeding the enemy propaganda.

Also, you'll notice that the media covers only the bad things coming out of Iraq while ignoring all the good being done. I never once saw a story covering the teddy bear drop or the medic who treated his would-be killer's wounds (Oh, that liberal media). All these negative stories serve to do is steele the resolve of our enemies while weakening the morale of troops and the homefront. But anyway, on with the column.

With that in mind, we turn to Jean Charles de Menezes, the supposed "suicide bomber" who turned out to be a Brazilian electrician on his way to work. Unfortunately, by the time the Metropolitan Police figured that out, they'd put five bullets in his head. We're told we shouldn't second-guess split-second decisions that have to be made under great stress by those on the scene, which would be a more persuasive argument if the British constabulary didn't spend so much time doing exactly that to homeowners who make the mistake of defending themselves against violent criminals.

He makes a good point here. Why would they question a split-second decision made by the police while homeowners in a similar situation defending themselves are put on trial? I think it's stupid to put homeowners on trial. I recognize some find it stupid not to question what the police did, though. If only the police weren't carrying those guns, this would have never happened! Ironically enough, it wasn't until they passed a "nobody is allowed to have guns" law that their police started carrying guns. Great Britain is in deep trouble politically. They need some sweeping changes to get back to a point of sanity/freedom. In a country where productive citizens pay 68% in taxes while the homeless and jobless people get free food, houses, health care, and other "luxury items," something is seriously wrong.