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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Saturday Morning Reads

Ann Coulter plagiarized some old opinion columns from the mid 80's to the early 90's according to Raw Story. I haven't read these other columns and I can't speak to the credibility of this website, but if it's true, I won't care to listen to Ann Coulter anymore as any kind of source. In the realm of politics where ideas and opinions are assets, plagiarism is the equivalent of thievery. I sincerely hope this isn't true, but the evidence they provide here looks pretty bad for her.

Reasoned Audacity mentions some blogs mocking John Roberts. Because the liberals can't find anything wrong with Bush's SCOTUS nominee, they're resorting to what they do best: making stuff up about him. So what's their "problem" with him? They claim he's gay. Yup. Typical liberals; they can't get him on the issues, or (honestly) attack him personally, so they make stuff up about which to criticize him. Kind of odd, too, because if liberals were honest people, they would be lauding him for him being gay instead of mocking him; but only liberal gays are good, right?

The ACLU is demanding documents from the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act. Is it about the latest Arab Male being randomly searched? Illegal immigrants being denied social security? Nope. Documents by the FBI pertaining to the ACLU and their support of terrorism. I'm glad to see the FBI doing their job. Read the whole blog post, but this is my favorite part:

Not promoting terrorism? The ACLU has opposed almost everything the government has done to fight terrorism! From the no-fly list to stronger border control, the ACLU has been there to oppose it. But this isn’t anything new. During their history, the ACLU has found many strange ways to distort the intentions of our founding Fathers in order to grant immunity and protection for sworn enemies of America to carry out their assault on America. Let’s take a look into history and see the MANY reasons the ACLU should be under investigation.

Sometimes their support of terrorists and their activities are subtle, like their strong objection to the use of metal detectors in America’s airports. Other times, it is much more direct.

Good stuff. Perhaps if the ACLU doesn't want to be viewed as taking the terrorists' side, perhaps they should quit taking the terrorists' side. There is a point where care for civil rights crosses into enabling America's enemies and the ACLU crossed it a long time ago.

An article outlining the democrats' reaction to the Roberts nomination on MSNBC is next. He's such a great candidate, they had to have a little more time finding ways to demonize him as well as Bush in the process. Now that they have their 6-point game plan down, the crticism can begin! I've said it before (though I'm not sure if I've posted it here) that Democrats are the reactionary party. Their ideology is based on whatever isn't Republican instead of any honest ideology with the country's interests in mind. They wait to see where Republicans land on an issue and take a contrary position- they react to what Republicans say. It makes me sick. I may go more in-depth with this one later. For now though, read and be amazed at these lunatics and their doctrine of being the anti-Republicans.

A very big hat tip to Mudville Gazette from which all this came.